Online Calculators

 In today's world there are many resources to help with your everyday issues.  Kids are fast learning new ways to get the information they need to solve homework problems that may cross ethical lines.  One new resource is the use of smart phone apps and websites for help. 

One resource is the use of online calculators to help with math.  More than your typical TI-85, these online calculators allow students to insert values and get an answer for complex math problems.  Anything from finding the slope intercept of a line to complex quadratic equations.

A quick google search for the term fraction calculator will result in hundreds of websites that specialize in online calculators for working with fractions.  Some websites are full of generic online calculators, while others, like specialize in online fraction calculators.

Still, while I'm sure some students are indeed using these resources for cheating, many are utilizeing these online calculators to help with homework problems. 

It's not just students, there are online calculators that have proven useful for adults, as well.  Have you ever wondered what the difference was between APR and APY on those bank advertisements?  Well, there's a calculator for that.  Check out this APY Calculator from a website called,

Now, in addition to online calculators to help adults with strange bank verbage and students with their homework, there are also online tutorials for math, as well as games to help with various subjects.  Check out this video tutorial on fractions and this online game to help.